musk loves free speech its a sideways finger to represent how we all need to be quiet when he speaks

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Last updated December 18, 2022.


We strongly believe in clear disclosures about data collection. So, this is your superfluous disclosure letting you know how we don’t want or use your personal information or data.

Like, seriously.

We don’t collect, sell, share, purchase, transform, butcher, alchemize, or otherwise do anything with your personal information or data.

It’s your information. Not ours. Keep it.

That said, the legal nerds say we should cover our bases.

how we use or share your personal information

We don’t. Stop asking.

third-party links

As part of our promotion of Musk’s love for free speech, we link to other news outlets and websites. If you follow those links, those outlets or websites have their own privacy policies — and they may devour your personal information or data.

We bear no responsibility for their data-hungry actions.


None on the digital front, but we love chocolate chip. This one is fantastic.


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