musk loves free speech its a sideways finger to represent how we all need to be quiet when he speaks

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made with ❤️ by dale rappaneau
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musk loves free speech .com brand usage guidelines

Because our brand is so recognizable it is vital our colors and fonts are always applied consistently.

color palette

Our colors are a key signifier for the brand. Use them to express brand pride and free speech support. These are the definitive colors that make up our color palette and should be used wherever possible.

  • fragile white #FFFCF9
  • used body pink #DFB1BD
  • black #000000


Typography is a powerful brand tool when used for free speech. This set of typefaces best represent Musk Daddy’s unwavering pursuit of speech and should be used across all print and web applications.


    Jeff Bezos might think he won the corporate space race, but we know that Musk be a mistake. Ha ha!


    To comport with Musk’s policy requiring the disclosure of parody, we infused the disclosure into every character and word.