musk loves free speech its a sideways finger to represent how we all need to be quiet when he speaks

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01.09.23 //

Moderate Musk fired Brazil Twitter's election misinfo moderation team


Yes, a Brazilian Supreme Court Judge in 2020 compelled Brazil Twitter to block 16 accounts accused of disseminating false information. And yes, in Nov. 2022, Musk fired the entire Brazil Twitter staff, including those moderating content for incitement of violence and misinformation. But it's not like thousands will storm Brazil's Congress over false claims of a stolen election, right?

01.06.23 //

Germany warns Musk Daddy of breaking EU misinformation laws on Twitter


Yes, maybe Germany and other EU members have quote-unquote "clear rules" against illegal content and misinformation. But listen: you can't spell misinformation without information, okay? Papa Musk can't be blamed because some dummy decided to attach three insignificant letters to the front of information and suddenly it's against the law.

12.24.22 //

Twitter now prioritizes paying users in conversations

money talks

Honestly, who wants to hear what the unpaying have to say? Press Baron Papa Musk understands that money is speech and those paying have the most important things to say. The rest can shout their broke-ass thoughts into the algorithmic void.